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Creating New Energy Solutions and ‘Green-collar’ Jobs

Can private enterprise solve our environmental problems? Some people believe they can not only do that, but create a lot of jobs and wealth in the process. We ask what are the "green-collar" jobs, how

Creating New Energy Solutions and ‘Green-collar’ Jobs

Tom Fudge: “Green industry” is an expression you may have heard, and you probably know it refers to companies that make products, or provide services, that are good for environment. It may be tempting to trivialize the importance of green industries by suggesting they do nothing more than provide consumers with a nice green feeling inside. But that notion falls away when you start thinking about energy. The creation of new energy sources, and energy saving devices, is an urgent need as oil supplies are stretched thin and global warming threatens environmental catastrophe.

This weekend, the American Solar Energy Society holds its 37th annual conference in San Diego, called Solar 2008. We thought that was reason enough to spend a little time thinking about green industries. This is especially true since the Solar Society just came out with an intense study of green energy, called Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: Economic Drivers for the 21st Century. Some people just call it the Green Collar Jobs report.


The 37th annual conference of the American Solar Energy Society, called SOLAR 2008, is in San Diego May 3 through 8 and is open to the public May 3 and 4.


  • Bradley Collins, executive director of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) and publisher of Solar Today magazine.