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Environmentalist Jim Hart Discusses Why He's Running for Mayor

Who is Jim Hart, and why is he running for mayor of San Diego? Host Tom Fudge speaks to Hart about the motivation behind his candidacy, and how he would like to change local government.

Environmentalist Jim Hart Discusses Why He's Running for Mayor

Tom Fudge: Here on These Days , we've made a point of interviewing all of the candidates running for mayor of San Diego. Last week, in fact, we interviewed incumbent Jerry Sanders. And today, exactly one week before the June third primary, we are going to interview our fifth and final mayoral candidate. Unless you're keeping close track of San Diego electoral politics, you probably don't know who Jim Hart is. He's never held elected office. Mr. Hart lists his occupation as "test director" and he has a degree in hazardous materials management from UCSD extension.

Mr. Hart is focusing on issues of growth and the environment in his candidacy. He's a long shot in this race for mayor, but he is a candidate and he thinks you should vote for him. 


Election Day is June 3 and San Diego city residents will have the opportunity to vote for mayor. To help you decide, we're bringing you a Mayoral Debate on Friday May 30 at 7 p.m. You can watch it on KPBS channel 11 or HD, or listen right here on KPBS 89.5 FM.