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The Food We Eat

I like food. I always have and hopefully I always will. But recently, I've become more and more concerned with what's in the food we eat. From preservatives and pesticides to unhealthy fats and modified sugars. And I began to ask: "What's all this stuff doing to our bodies? And does it have to be this way?"

To answer these questions, the These Days team decided to devote a series of shows to the topic of the food we eat. We'll look at how our bodies work and what they need to be healthy, to why we crave certain foods. We'll discuss how to enjoy beef and seafood in an environmentally sustainable way, as well as explore the rising trend of vegetarianism.

We'd like to know what you think about food. What concerns do you have about the food you eat? Are you confused by all the information out there on nutrition and weight loss? Send us your questions or comments and we'll try to incorporate them into our coverage of "The Food We Eat."


- Natalie Walsh is the Senior Producer for These Days.