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Gas Prices Falling

The average price of gas continues to fall from the record high set earlier this summer.

Gas Prices Falling

San Diego's average gas price continues to tumble from the record high set in mid-June. The average price at the pump is now four dollars 13 cents. KPBS Reporter Erik Anderson has details.

A gallon of gas is 50 cents cheaper today than it was just six weeks ago. The Utility Consumer's Action network tracks prices at local stations. U-Can's Charles Langley says 15 to 20 percent of the county's gas stations are now selling regular below $4 a gallon.   But He says he doesn't see the volatility as good news.

Langley: "gas prices are sort of like malaria, which, you get a horrible fever followed by a terrible chill and as the disease progresses and worsens that cycle of fever and chill gets worse and worse."

Langley says he expects the average price to dip below four dollars a gallon in a week or so.   He says he's never seen gas prices fall this sharply for such a long time, but he also says prices have never been this high before.

Erik Anderson, KPBS News.

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