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Two Major SD Malls Up for Expansion & Renovation

Two shopping centers owned by Westfield Corporation, UTC and Mission Valley mall, have plans to update and expand. The $900 million UTC project was given approval to proceed by the San Diego City Cou

Two Major SD Malls Up for Expansion & Renovation

Alan Ray : The Westfield Corporation, which owns Mission Valley Mall and UTC, plans to upgrade, update and expand both. Last week the San Diego City Council finally approved a $900-million upgrade for UTC.

The plan was introduced seven years ago to intense opposition from some in the community, which still lingers. The plans for the upgrade of Mission Valley have just been released, and the reception may not be any friendlier.


Mission Valley has a history, to be sure. Mission Valley Center opened in 1961. It was the only place like it in San Diego. Before that most people did their shopping downtown and Mission Valley was home to dairy farms. Now, it sits right next to the much larger shopping center, Fashion Valley.

At a time when gas prices are forcing people to drive less, do we really need more mall?


  • Roger Showley , San Diego Union-Tribune reporter.
  • Jonathan Bradhurst , senior vice president of development San Diego, Westfield Corporation .