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Artist and Film Critic Manny Farber Dies at 91

San Diego-based artist and influential critic Manny Farber died Monday at the age of 91. We'll talk about his career and unique voice.

Artist and Film Critic Manny Farber Dies at 91

Tom Fudge:  Manny Farber died this week at the age of 91. He was a member of the faculty at UC San Diego starting in 1970. Manny Farber was a artist who was one of the nation's most renowned still-life painters. He did his artwork in close partnership with his wife, Patricia Patterson, who was also on the faculty at UCSD. But Farber may be best known for his film criticism. He wrote reviews for many journals and magazines, some of them, obscure. But his intellectual rigor and the delight he took in throwing jabs at so-called art films made him legendary among critics. Today, we're going to spend a few minutes remembering Manny Farber.


  • Ken Tucker is the editor-at-large for Entertainment Weekly.  He's also the pop music critic for NPR's Fresh Air. 
  • Robert Pincus   is the art critic at the San Diego Union-Tribune.