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Some Disappointed with State's Effort to Create Renewable Energy

Some advocates for renewable energy are disappointed with the state's efforts this year when it comes to creating renewable energy plants.

Some Disappointed with State's Effort to Create Renewable Energy

Finish up the budget and focus on building more renewable energy plants in California.

That's the word from advocates who say this year has been disappointing for efforts to build more wind farms and solar power plants in California.


Bernadette Del Chiaro with Environment California says the state lags behind others when it comes to building renewable energy projects.

Del Chiaro: If California were to enter the Olympics and if developing renewable energy were an Olympic sport California would surprisingly take fifth place, not even quality for a bronze in terms of developing renewable energy.

Del Chiaro says the budget impasse has distracted lawmakers from the issue.

Advocates want at least 33 percent of the state's power to be generated by renewable energy by 2020.

California currently requires utilities to get at least 20 percent of their electricity from such sources by 2010.