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The Beer Is Really Good

The first ten days of the Kafka Project Research was pure tour, and our Travel Director Corky Lang kept a "Magical Mystery" journal, which he has shared with us. A former San Diegan and theatre producer/production manager now living and working in Chicago, Corky leads tours all over the world. Corky designed, organized and led the first Magical Mystery Literary History Tour for us this summer. He kept everything moving smoothly and effortlessly--for us. It's not as easy as it looks. One of the key phrases that Corky was able to repeat in every city we visited began to resonate with all of us by the time we reached Berlin. And here it is: 

"The Beer is Really Good" by Kafka Project Travel Director Corky Lang

Berlin, Germany-June 21, 2008: All tours (and stories) must have a beginning, middle, and end. The Berlin hotel, the Honigmond, was quite lovely and the group felt very much like a family. Do you remember traveling with your family?  For me, traveling with my family provides some of my very fondest memories. Of course, others have had different experiences. But this family had become close. It was no doubt furthered by a full day ride in a small bus over the back roads the Czech Republic and Poland. But everyone was having fun in Berlin and it showed. We could have traveled on to a new a three night cruise from Berlin back to Prague on the Elba River and all the points in-between. We'll put it as an option for next year's tour.  You were a wonderful and magical group to meet, get to know, and travel with in close quarters.  Thank you all for the experience!


Next: Kafka Project Director Kathi Diamant reviews the best and worst: what we learned and what we still need to do.   Stay tuned!