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UCSD Trauma Surgeon Urges Prevention First

More than 150,000 Americans die from trauma each year. It is the leading cause of death for people aged 1-45, and a growing problem for seniors who are living longer, more active lives. Unfortunatel

UCSD Trauma Surgeon Urges Prevention First

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Tom Fudge : If you suffer a stab or a gunshot wound, fall three stories while you're working your building construction job, or you're in a serious car accident, you'd better hope that there's a medical trauma center near you.

If you live in San Diego County, there probably is. But that's not the case in all parts of the country. Trauma centers are expensive to maintain and they require a large, skilled staff.


Furthermore, not a lot of med students want to go into trauma care these days. A lot of other specialties pay better. And being a trauma doctor is a life of working long late hours, and spending much of your off time being on call for emergencies.