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Public Input Sought for Ways to Reform SD City Council

Are you frustrated with the way the San Diego City Council does business? Do you have ideas for how you would like to change San Diego City government? Carl DeMaio, and Donna Frye want to hear your

Public Input Sought for Ways to Reform SD City Council

Audio posted in the afternoon.

Tom Fudge: Two members of the new San Diego City Council are asking you, if you live in San Diego, do you like your city council? Do you trust it? Do you think it behaves in a way that makes sense, and gives you access to the process? A lot of city residents probably don't know and don't really care, but Councilmember Donna Frye and Councilmember-elect Carl DeMaio hope that a lot of people do care. 


They're holding some town-hall meetings, including one this Wednesday, in an effort to get people to contribute to a plan to reform the San Diego City Council. Joining me to tell us why he thinks the City Council needs reform, and what he and Donna Frye are working on, is Carl DeMaio.

Councilman-elect Carl DeMaio and Councilwoman Donna Frye and will hold a town hall meeting tonight at 6pm at the Scripps Ranch Library to solicit input from the public on ways to overhaul how the San Diego City Council conducts business. The address for the event is: 10301 Scripps Lake Drive, in Scripps Ranch.


  • Carl DeMaio , is the city councilmember-elect for District 5. Carl joins us today to talk about a bipartisan initiative he is leading with Councilmember Donna Frye to "reform the rules and policies governing the San Diego City Council".