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Composer Matthew Lien Explores Taiwan in Music

Composer Matthew Lien performs in studio and talks about his latest album "A Journey of Water." Over the course of two years, and using water as his guide, Lien conducted field recordings throughout

Composer Matthew Lien Explores Taiwan in Music

Alison St John (Guest Host): Music often conjures up moods and images, but composer and musician Matthew Lien has taken the art form a step further and incorporated sounds from the world around us to allow his music to become a journey through a natural landscape.

Lien's first album released in 1987 was called " Music to see by" and his latest work A Journey of Water  is an insight into the Taiwanese landscape and culture. Lien is Canadian, he's become a top-of-the-charts performer in Taiwan and China, and his music has won awards in the West.  



  • Matthew Lien, composer and musician performing piano and voice. His albums have reached multi-platinum status in Taiwan and mainland China. His latest CD is called A Journey of Water .
  • Huang Ying-jong, bamboo flute
  • Chou Yi-chien , erhu
  • Yo A-kiang , vocal

(Photo: Matthew Lien records sounds for a project in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge)