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Cyberbullying Expert Gives Advice on Protecting Kids

Cyberbullying - bullying done using the Internet, cell phones, etc - is on the rise. We'll talk with a leading expert on cyberbullying and what parents can do to protect their kids from mean-spirited

Cyberbullying Expert Gives Advice on Protecting Kids

Tom Fudge : Imagine a place where you can take shots at people, humiliate them and make fun of them from a safe distance in a way that's quite anonymous. It doesn't take much imagination to realize I'm talking about the Internet. And the Web has become an effective and insidious tool for bullies. The term of art we've learned is cyber-bullying. And schools and parents today are becoming more and more concerned about it.

Parry Aftab will speak about cyber safety issues on Tuesday, October 7, 2008, at the Girl Scouts' Healthy Girls, Healthy Lives Symposium .



  • Parry Aftab , Internet privacy and security lawyer who's current work focuses on children's online safety. She is executive director of the Internet-safety help group . And she is author of "the Parents' Guide to Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace."