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Analyzing the Presidential Candidates' Economic Plans

How do Barack Obama and John McCain plan to tackle the nation's current financial crisis? Does either candidate have a specific plan that addresses the root causes of the United States' economic prob

Analyzing the Presidential Candidates' Economic Plans

Tom Fudge: How do you get out of a recession? Do you just wait and be patient with the expectation that things will eventually turn around? Or can government take steps to speed recovery? The major party candidates for president, John McCain and Barack Obama , are working with the latter assumption. And they have presented plans that focus to a large extent on tax policy.

As you might expect, the Democrat's plan is focused on middle class tax cuts. The Republican says he'll cut taxes for everyone. That means he'll extend the Bush tax cuts for wealthy Americans and reduce capital gains taxes. Can we reach the conclusion that either economic plan will jump-start the economy?


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  • James Hamilton, professor of economics at UC San Diego, and author of the Econbrowser blog.