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Where Does America Go From Here?

The day after history was made...where does the country stand? We'll talk about the presidential election results and hear from experts and the public.

Where Does America Go From Here?

Tom Fudge : When Barack Obama first announced his run for president, a lot of people thought he could never win. Not in America. Where Africans were pressed into slavery and their descendents have suffered so many years of racism.

But then came the Iowa caucuses, where Obama won the primary in a white rural state. Then came yesterday's election, when Obama, the son of a black Kenyan immigrant and a white Kansas mother, was elected president.


It's become trite to call this election historic because it so obviously is. But the gravity and importance of Barack Obama's accomplishment cannot be overblown.


  • Scott Horsley , NPR's new White House Correspondent who's been covering the presidential election.
  • Ed Blum , SDSU assistant professor of history specializing in race and religion.
  • Daniel Widener , UCSD assistant professor of history specializing in African-American and California history.