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Republican Party Revising Game Plan Following Election Day Defeat

What's next for the Republican Party? After Barack Obama's victory and another election where the GOP lost numerous seats in the House and Senate, the Republican Party may need to revise its playbook

Republican Party Revising Game Plan Following Election Day Defeat

Tom Fudge: The Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln and the party of Teddy Roosevelt. Over the years, it's represented abolition, free enterprise, low taxes and military strength. Most recently it represents the party that really got wacked in last week's election.

The days since the election have been pretty typical of the days that follow a sound defeat for one party or the other. There's been some soul searching and some finger pointing. Some Republicans say they lost because they weren't true to their values. Some say they lost because they were too true to values that have become irrelevant to voters.


The Republican Party isn't going away, and the conversation over what should be the party's future will go on for some time. For the rest of this hour, we are going to hold a conversation about what, aside from Barack Obama, seems to have gone wrong with the GOP.