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Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 6 At San Diego Symphony

Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 6 is unique among Mahler's 10 symphonies and San Diego Symphony's Conductor and Music Director Jahja Ling should know. He's on a quest to conduct all of Mahler's symphony

Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 6 At San Diego Symphony

Tom Fudge:   Gustav Mahler was born into a Jewish family in Bohemia in the year, 1860. He made his mark as a composer and conductor in Vienna before he died in 1911. Jahja Ling is a conductor who was born in Indonesia and who has made his mark at many American Symphonies, including the San Diego Symphony where he is music director. Jahja Ling has developed a close musical relationship with Mahler. And this Friday he'll be conducting Mahler's symphony number six in Copley Symophony Hall.


The next set of performances in the Jacobs Masterworks Series featuring Mahler's Symphony No. 6 takes place Friday December 5th through Sunday, December 7th at Copley Symphony Hall.  You can purchase tickets at


Jahja Ling is the conductor and music director of the San Diego Symphony. 

Nuvi Mehta is the Voice of San Diego Symphony.