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San Diego Weekend: A Golden Christmas, An Otter Bearing Gifts, and Bacon, Glorious Bacon

This is the frosty beach in my hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania, where I spent the holidays this year.

And yes, it was more than a little nippy. & Still in the wintry north, wearing long johns and wooly socks, I wandered around Flickr as I always do on Sunday evenings, to see what San Diegans were up to this holiday weekend. & Here's a little sampling...

A Golden Christmas by chalifour.eric.


Bernar Venet by (^^RaviN^^) . Acclaimed conceptual sculptor Bernar Venet's work is on display in locations around San Diego Bay as part of the exhibit Waterfront Steel: The Tidelands Sculpture Exhibition.

Spilling Lights by findjayson.

SWORLD 2008 by MikeRollerson.

Bacon! by Sarah B in SD . & (Total food porn)