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Futurist David Brin on the Age of the Amateur

The future is hard to see. But at least futurists give it a shot. We speak with science fiction novelist and futurist David Brin about the coming century, which he believes could be the era of “the a

Futurist David Brin on the Age of the Amateur

Originally aired on December 19, 2006.

Tom Fudge: You know what they say about the future, it just keeps coming. And ever since the industrial revolution set in, people in developed countries have been anxious about what might be just around the corner. Technology seems to be driving society faster than our ability to manage it.


For the rest of this century, new technology will continue to change our lives. Our limited resources on earth will present its own set of challenges. In spite of all that, or perhaps because of it, David Brin is optimistic about the future. David is a graduate of UCSD who’s a renowned author of science fiction novels. He is a futurist, and he’s a consultant on the use of new technologies.


  • David Brin, futurist, consultant and science fiction novelist. His books including The Postman, Earth , and The Transparent Society.