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Which Cities Have Money in the Bank?

Cities all around San Diego County are scrambling to pay for services in the face of the current recession and the consequent decline in sales and property tax revenue. Some cities have been better t

Which Cities Have Money in the Bank?

Maureen Cavanaugh: If you've been saving money for a rainy day, well, that rainy day has arrived for many people caught up in the nation's economic downturn and cities are no different.

We begin this morning with a survey of how much money the cities in San Diego County have been able to sock away for that rainy day. San Diego County is made up of 18 cities.  That's easy to forget because the city of San Diego usually gets most of the attention.


But KPBS Metro reporter Alison St. John has started a project to shed more light on the rest of San Diego's cities. She calls the series "My Hometown" and to start it off, Alison is looking into and comparing the financial health of the various cities around San Diego.


  • Alison St John, KPBS Reporter

Map: City Reserves Around San Diego County

Larger icons indicate larger cities. Darker icons indicate that the city has more reserves. 

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