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Schools Juggle Retirement with Layoffs to Balance Budget

Veteran teachers throughout San Diego may be retiring early as part of a push to balance school budgets. We'll explore the cost to education of such a move. And, we'll talk about Vista Unified's pol

Schools Juggle Retirement with Layoffs to Balance Budget

Alison St John : Everybody's looking for ways to cut costs, and when it comes to schools, some major changes are underway.  And it's not just policy changes, it's people changes.

A lot of familiar faces won't be walking the halls any more. Looks like classes may be getting bigger and maybe the school year could be shortened. How's it all going to affect students, parents and teachers?


Also, what's the latest on the how schools handle the situation when a student leaves campus for a medical appointment? Do the parents have a right to be notified and how far does state law protect the right of the student to confidential medical advice?