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Local Writer Searches for the Real El Cajon

The city of El Cajon is close to 100 years old. But many folks around the county probably haven't spent much time in the eastern town. Maybe it's because the city has a reputation as being a rough a

Local Writer Searches for the Real El Cajon

Maureen Cavanaugh : San Diegans who live in the coastal or northern regions of the county, typically don't give El Cajon much respect. The inland valley city, they complain, gets too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, and is just too redneck all year round.

One reporter decided to find out the truth behind those stereotypes. The temperatures in El Cajon don't take much analyzing - 110 degrees in July speaks for itself - but it's that redneck claim that is controversial.


Is El Cajon really San Diego's country-fried cousin, or is the makeup and the attitude in this nearly 100 year old city more diverse and complicated than many assume?