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Getting Your Financial House in Order for '09

2009 started with a bang. Or, more precisely, a crash of the economic kind. So in the midst of a recession, as people are losing their jobs and retirement savings vanishing overnight, what kind of f

Getting Your Financial House in Order for '09

Originally aired on February 19, 2009.

Maureen Cavanaugh :  It used to be, if you had a few extra dollars, you were foolish not to invest in the stock market. If you had more than a few dollars, investing in growth markets or real estate was the way to go.


Then came last year with the mortgage meltdown, and the Wall Street collapse and suddenly the old ways of thinking about saving and investing your money, if you have any left, aren't working anymore.

With job insecurities, and volatile markets, it's harder than ever to make ends meet while still planning for the future.


  • Jean Sinclair , certified financial planner and the managing member of Avenue Advisors , an independent financial advisory firm.
  • Rick Brooks , chartered financial accountant and planner, and vice president of investment management for Blankinship & Foster .