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Good Reads: Hunter S. Thompson in His Skivvies and a San Diego Wedding for the Record Books

I love this story from San Diego City Beat Associate Editor Kelly Davis about a homeless wedding in San Diego. The story of Patrick and April Chambers is so touching, as are the photos. & Thanks for sharing, Kelly.

I love this story about efforts to map "the buzz" of a city - the hot spots where cultural events are happening and generate buzz. & The researchers have an interesting approach to gauging what buzz is: & they mined thousands of photographs in Getty Images that showed flashy parties or events, going back to 2006. & "It was not a culturally comprehensive data set, the researchers admit, but a wide-ranging one. And because the photos were for sale, they had to be of events that people found inherently interesting, & ldquo;a good proxy for & 'buzz-worthy' social contexts, & rdquo; they write." This method means that more underground, burgeoning art scenes don't always register on a city's buzz map. I wonder what a buzz map of San Diego would look like? Any guesses?

You can see a new film from Neil Young called Get Around here . & It includes tracks from his new album Fork in the Road.


I've never decided to read a book based on the author photo, but apparently some people have . & I wonder if Hunter S. Thompson thought this photo would reel them in. &

Hunter S. Thompson.

Here's a piece by Alexander McCall Smith, author of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (which is now an HBO series ) about readers' relationships to fictional characters. &

Apparently on some calendars, the Internet is 40 years old today. In celebration, Urlesque has a list of the 100 Most Iconic Internet Videos (the list is actually being revealed 20 at a time, you know, to create hype...for a list of videos...many of which we've already seen. & Ok, so I think the release method is silly, but I'm still interested in the content).

And with Easter approaching, the Washington Post has photos of its second annual Peeps diorama contest . & This, my friends, brings me pure joy. & Faves are the Thrilla in Manilla, Peepator Craig's Wide Stance, and Peeps Atop a Skyscraper. &