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Obama in Mexico, City Labor Contracts, May 19 Ballot Props.

President Barack Obama is in Latin America and the Caribbean this weekend to meet with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, and to participate in the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago. Earlier in the week, President Obama tapped former San Diego school superintendent and airport authority chairman Alan Bersin to serve as U.S. border czar. What will be the big topics of conversation when President Obama meets with Mexican President Calderon? What skills does Alan Bersin bring to the job of border czar?

Plus, the San Diego City Council unanimously voted to impose new labor contracts on the police officers and blue collar workers. The move now requires the city's police officers and blue collar workers to pay a larger share toward their retirement benefits. How will the decision affect San Diego's budget for next year?

And, California will hold a special election on May 19 where voters will be asked to decide on six budget-related ballot measures. What are the arguments for and against the propositions 1A through 1F?



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