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Rep. Susan Davis Discusses Economy, Defense Spending, Health Care Reform

Rep. Susan Davis Discusses Economy, Defense Spending, Healthcare Reform
What is your U.S. congressional representative doing to help you? We speak to Democratic Congresswoman Susan Davis about the recent work she's been doing to help out local small businesses and people who are in credit debt, and to promote water conservation at local schools.

Maureen Cavanaugh: After years of being the counterpoint to a Republican administration, Democrats in Washington now run the show. And a nation, hit with economic hard times, as well as a troubled world are expecting the Democratic leadership to come up with the right answers.

Democratic Congresswoman Susan Davis represents California's 53rd District, which is, of course, located here in San Diego. She's been a member of Congress since 2001, and she serves on the House Armed Services Committee and the House Education and Labor Committee.



Susan Davis, Democratic congresswoman representing California's 53rd District.