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San Diego Chargers Tie For First Place

San Diego Chargers Tie For First Place
The San Diego Chargers are on a roll. Joining us on Morning Edition is North County Times sports columnist Jay Paris.

DWANE BROWN (HOST): San Diego Chargers are on a roll, winning their fourth game in a row, Sunday, at Qualcomm. Joining us on Morning Edition is North County Times Sports Columnist Jay Paris. Well, it looks like the Chargers got back on track, Jay, with the running game. What was your impression of the 31-23 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday?

JAY PARIS: You kind of summed it up, they made a point of getting back to that running game, kind of dust off the old Chargers of recent years, with LaDainian Tomlinson running for two touchdowns, a season-high 96 yards. It was pretty impressive and it was a pretty rabid day over at the stadium whenever Philadelphia is in town. They're fired up fans; it always makes for an exciting competition. That was a big win yesterday and you couple that with yet another Denver Bronco loss, here we go to Denver next week with everybody all tied up.

PAMELA DAVIS: Jay, right before the game LaDainian Tomlinson got some really exciting news, he found out his wife is pregnant and then he delivered it on the field. Was he excited, do you think?

PARIS: Well, everybody gets a stimulus boost in a different manner, I guess. Her timing was quite appropriate. What was amazing, my wife, and any other woman who is so excited about be being pregnant, she held onto that news since Tuesday, and she found out then and didn't tell LaDainian until –gave him a little gift to open up before game. He was moved, LaDainian he always wears his emotions on his sleeve, you could tell it meant something for him yesterday. It was more than just an ordinary game. The Tomlinsons lost a child back in 2005 when she had a miscarriage. So, this was a big deal, this will be the first one, everybody was pretty happy.

BROWN: Yeah, it was nice to see him deliver those two touchdowns. Well, as you mentioned, Chargers face the Denver Broncos, they are now tied for first in the AFC West. What can we expect on Sunday?

PARIS: Two teams going in the opposite directions. Chargers won four straight now and really playing as if everybody thought they would before the season, before the injuries hit. Broncos, heading south have lost three straight now and also lost their starting quarterback to an injury. The Chargers will face the backup on Sunday. It's laid out perfectly for the Chargers, but sports being sports, you never know what's going to happen until the ball kicks off. If you're a Charger fan right now you're feeling a whole lot better about things than you were about four weeks ago.