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Chargers Win Sixth Game In A Row

Chargers Win Sixth Game In A Row
The San Diego Chargers are one of the hottest teams in the N-F-L. Joining us on Morning Edition is North County Times sports columnist Jay Paris.

PAMELA DAVIS: The Chargers are one of the hottest in the NFL. Joining us on Morning Edition is North County Times Sports Columnist Jay Paris. Good morning, Jay.

JAY PARIS: Good morning. How we doing?

DAVIS: Great. Six in a row right now, what's the secret?


PARIS: Good offense, good defense and a team that's playing with confidence. It seems like that 2-3 start was eons ago and since the team has won six straight outscored its opponents by 103 points. So, not only are they winning, they are dominating. The hope is that they don't peak too soon because they are looking pretty good right now.

DWANE BROWN: Yeah, they are. LaDainian Tomlinson rushed for 39 yards, Jay, it was enough –it wasn't a whole lot- it was enough to move him, of course, into the tenth spot on the all-time rushing list. Where do you think he'll actually end up when it's all said and done?

PARIS: It depends on how long he wants to prolong his career, obviously he's not the runner he used to be and he doesn't get as many touches as he once did, especially in this offense lead by Philip Rivers. He could probably go top five. He has said that he wants to go after Emmitt Smith's record. Now, whether he can do that or not and whether he can do that in San Diego are two entirely different things. But, he's still got some juice in the tank. I think was great about yesterday was the Chargers really breaking out with all the all-time anniversary team. The fiftieth anniversary team, Fouts and Hadl and Paul Lowe and Don Coryell. These are the Mount Rushmore guys of Charger lore. To see those guys, even though they got a little hitch in their giddyup now, they are more gray than they are powder blue, you're always inspired when you actually seen them than on a grainy video or in a history book. The Chargers really responded.