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An SDSU Admissions Guarantee for S.D. Unified?

San Diego State University officials say they're open to creating a special admissions guarantee for students in the San Diego Unified School District. The university's interest is due in part to a district hearing on the matter yesterday.

San Diego Unified school trustees have been demanding SDSU reverse its policy decision over the past few months.

SDSU officials say they will not reconsider, but they are open to forming an agreement with San Diego Unified so some of its students are guaranteed a spot.


SDSU has a similar agreement with the Sweetwater Union High School District and Hoover High School in City Heights. Students there are guaranteed a spot as long as they graduate with a "B" average, finish all their college preparatory work, and take college entrance exams.

SDSU'S Sandra Cook says San Diego Unified must first adopt more rigorous academic standards.

“If they're willing to do the heavy-lifting of having something like the compact, we'd be willing to do it on an individual school basis or on a district basis,” Cook said. “But the school district really does have to do the heavy-lifting so students can come in here (SDSU) with the right course backgrounds and no remedial needs.”

Cooks adds creating a compact is much more involved than signing a memorandum of understanding.

San Diego school trustee Sheila Jackson says a district guarantee is a step in the right direction. However, she still wants SDSU to reinstate its overall admissions policy until alternatives are in place.