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UCSD Reflects National Reduction In Swine Flu Cases

UC San Diego has seen a reduction in both suspected and confirmed cases of swine flu.

Reports from the around the county indicate a recent decline in the number of new cases of H1N1 influenza. That holds true at UCSD. Regina Fleming-Magit, the head of student health services said UCSD tracks the number of students who have flu-like symptoms. She said swine flu seemed to peak one week in early October when 130 students showed up at the student health clinic complaining of symptoms.

"Since that time we have declined and there has been at a steady rate of about 50 or 60 per week," she said.

Fleming-Magit said students have had the option to get a test to confirm they had swine flu. In early October, nearly 100 percent of the ailing students who got tested actually had swine flu. More recently, only about half of the people with flu-like symptoms have tested positive.

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