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Foster Youth: Beyond The Necessities

Foster Youth: Beyond The Necessities
May is National Foster Care month. We take a look at what foster kids need that isn't a necessity.

We all know that foster kids face a lot of challenges at a very early age. The breakup of their families, often getting bounced around from home to home, from school to school. But sometimes it's missing the little things that can hurt the most. Music lessons, a high school prom or a birthday party.

May is National Foster Care month, and we thought we'd check in with some people in San Diego who are trying to look out for the needs of foster kids. Their big needs and the little things, too.



Susan Golding, Former Mayor of San Diego and CEO of Promises2Kids

Krysta Creighton, Program Director, YMCA youth and family services

Danielle Raymond, was formerly in the foster care program.