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SD Assemblyman Proposes Legislative Fixes To SDSU Admissions Policy

San Diego Assemblyman Marty Block is pushing a bill in Sacramento aimed at reversing a controversial change in San Diego State University's admissions policy.

It was late last year when SDSU officials ended a longtime practice of guaranteeing local students admission to the campus so long as they met basic California State University requirements.

Block says that policy change has left more than 1,740 locally qualified students out in the cold.


Block’s legislation would not only reverse SDSU's policy change, it would also require all CSU campuses to guarantee admission to their local student populations.

The San Diego assemblyman says SDSU’s policy change really hurts local students who can’t afford to attend a CSU campus in another part of the state.

“If (students) meet those requirements which have been in place over the last 10 years, then they should have a right to go to school at San Diego's state university,” Block said.

The assemblyman is also pushing another bill that would ensure any admissions policy change be open and transparent. SDSU officials maintain they are still giving local students priority through other admissions programs.