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New District Map To Be Finalized Today

The final map the San Diego Redistricting Commission approved.
City of San Diego Redistricting Commission
The final map the San Diego Redistricting Commission approved.
New District Map To Be Finalized Today
The city of San Diego will soon be dealing with a new political landscape. A new district map will be finalized this afternoon.

The city’s redistricting commission has been working on redrawing the city’s district boundaries for ten months. The commission is scheduled to approve a final map this afternoon. The process happens once a decade, but it was more complicated this time around because a ninth council district had to be carved out.

Commission Chief of Staff Midori Wong says the commission is satisfied with the final map.

"We are happy with the plan and we feel we have had a transparent, open and fair process," she said. "We will be prepared if there are any legal challenges. But we are prepared to adopt the plan."


The map remains largely unchanged from the version released to the public earlier this month. The Asian Community was vocal during the redistricting process but did not receive everything it had hoped for. Still, community organizer Cindy Chan said the community does view District 6 on the final map as a victory.

"We now have a new Asian empowered district, which we never had before," se said. "And a lot of Asian Americans have become more aware of this process and the political process in San Diego."

The new district boundaries go into effect 30 days after the commission approves them. However, the city attorney has issued an opinion stating city council members should continue to represent their current districts until December of 2012.

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