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Petition Being Circulated Against SDG&E Fee Hike

Theodore Scott
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Petition Being Circulated Against SDG&E Fee Hike
San Diego's Environmental Health Coalition is rallying opposition to a San Diego Gas and Electric rate hike request.

The Environmental Health Coalition (EHC) is circulating petitions hoping to rally enough support from consumers to convince the Public Utilities Commission to reject SDG&E's billion-dollar rate hike request. Part of that request would levy higher fees of solar owners.

SDG&E argued solar array owners are taking advantage of the system, by zeroing out their electric bills while still using the grid. The coalition said the utility needs to encourage, nor discourage the move toward solar.


"They needed to look around to the ratepayers and decide who to collect money from and they've targeted solar customers," said Capritz. "And so we're kind of saying, you don't need to raise rates. In fact, all the ratepayer advocates are opposing SDG&E's petition."

Regulators are expected to make a decision on the rate hike request next year.