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Court To Issue Ruling On Redevelopment Agencies

Court To Issue Ruling On Redevelopment Agencies
The California Supreme Court said it will issue a decision tomorrow on a wide reaching redevelopment case. The decision could have big implications for San Diego.

San Diego’s Redevelopment Agency contributes money for projects ranging from the new downtown library, to neighborhood parks and infrastructure. Earlier this year Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill effectively eliminating all California redevelopment agencies. He then signed another bill saying the agencies can continue to operate, but only if they contribute more money to local schools.

Opponents of the bills sued and the California Supreme Court is expected to rule on the case tomorrow.

Rachel Laing with the San Diego Mayor’s Office said schools are already helped through redevelopment.


"It’s a rising tide that lifts all boats," she said. "So schools benefit from a better economy, from all the jobs that it creates."

If the court upholds Brown’s legislation San Diego would be required to pay local schools $70 million this year and $16 million a year after that if it wants to keep its redevelopment agency.

Critics of redevelopment say the agencies divert tax money from other more important state services.

The court is expected to issue its ruling tomorrow at 10 a.m.