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FPPC Looks at Easing Candidate Reporting Requirements

California’s campaign finance watchdog is looking at removing some of the candidate reporting requirements for personal benefits like gifts, meals and travel. The Fair Political Practices Commission met to discuss the issue Tuesday in Sacramento.

FPPC General Counsel Zack Morazzini claimed the current system has become too burdensome – especially on unsophisticated filers.

“You could look at it as relaxing a reporting requirement, but that’s not always a bad thing,” said Morazzini. “If it leads to better understanding and more compliance, then ultimately, I think the public is better being served by the regulations we have in place.”


The current system requires candidates to report the people and purpose on which campaign dollars are spent. Instead, the Commission may just flat-out ask candidates if they’ve received any personal benefits.

The watchdog group California Common Cause said it’s not concerned about the proposed changes. The FPPC will vote on the changes later this year.