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Ehab Shehata (NPP)



The Constitution of the United States is not merely a historical document, but rather it is the foundation for the rule of law that governs our democracy and limits the powers of government. Individual rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are protected by the Constitution against potential infringements by government. Protecting the Constitution involves protecting the liberty of all Americans. One cannot differentiate between social and economic liberties when interpreting the Constitution, since an erosion of one will eventually lead to erosion of the other.



The economy is showing signs of improvement. Nonetheless, we must take steps to protect America from economic instability. It is imperative to reduce and eliminate the national debt, which now stands at $15,500,000,000,000, and is growing with interest every second at a staggering rate. This year, Congress is expected to raise the debt ceiling even further. A portion of your tax dollars go towards paying the interest on this massive debt instead of going towards programs that benefit taxpayers. If the debt continues to climb, and the federal reserve is forced to print more dollars to pay off the debt, it could have a catastrophic effect on the value of our currency. We must learn from the recent events in Greece, and avoid handing down this debt to our children and grandchildren.


Successful foreign policy will improve the American economy by expanding our trading partners and the markets in which American businesses can operate. This will improve our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and create more jobs here at home. Foreign policy of this type involves sophisticated diplomacy and promotes peace over war. The cost of war is not born by the politicians who recklessly call for war to appease special interests. Rather, the cost of war is born by the brave men and women who risk their lives to defend our flag, and also by the hardworking American taxpayer. In fact, sixty percent of our massive budget is devoted to war in some way. If we are to eliminate the national debt that threatens our economy, we must address the unsustainable levels of war spending that currently plagues our budget. This can be done without sacrificing a single military job, or the safety and readiness of our troops. The act of war must be reserved for America's defense and the defense of America's interests, rather than the special interests.