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John Stahl (R)

John K Stahl has decided to run for Congress in order to reestablish the American Dream for current and future generations. He is a former Naval Aviator and Distinguished Naval Graduate who volunteered to serve his country in uniform for six years.

John earned a BS in Mathematics prior to entering the United States Navy and upon completing his tour of duty, earned an MBA in Finance by going to graduate school four evenings a week while working full time for Texas Instruments

Over his 30 year career in the semiconductor industry, John worked for Raytheon Semiconductor as Vice President of Worldwide Sales, TRW LSI Products, as well as several startup companies. In those roles over his career, John has done extensive travel within the United States, Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. His last passport had to be taken back to the US State Department twice to have additional pages inserted into it.


John transferred with Raytheon Semiconductor to San Diego in 1995 when promoted to VP of Worldwide Sales for the division. He lives in the same home in Del Mar that he purchased when arriving to this wonderful city in the summer of 1995.

He has the military service, education, worldview and business acumen to serve you well in the United States Congress.

The 52nd District in California needs someone who understands Leadership by Example, knows that we as a nation must get our financial house in order and has the background plus experience to restore the US economy and jobs. John is this individual and we look forward to the upcoming discussions within the 52nd District about our national issues and solutions.