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Michael Benoit (L)

During these tough economic times, Californians need a leader in Congress who can genuinely represent them because they’re in touch with The People. An effective Congressional leader must know what it feels like to be unemployed, or underemployed. But of equal gravity, your Representative must have a solid grasp on sound economic principles, in order to cogently address the grave decline in our well being with which we’ve struggled in recent years.

I am that leader; and here are the reforms and proposed actions that by listening to you, I have found to be of paramount importance to citizens of the 50th District:

• First, let’s focus on The Heartland. I rally around bringing our troops home, while maintaining the mightiest defense force on the planet, empowered with all the firepower necessary to handle any challenge to America’s peace. What I do not countenance is our long-standing burden for the defense of Germany, Japan, Korea, or any other power. It’s time that such nations bear their own responsibility, especially when this country is over-committed and under-funded. In short, we are suffering from a severe financial shortfall at home, and the world is aware of that.


Bringing our troops back in-country to defend America's borders would create a peace dividend and stimulate a much needed economic boost, right here at home . In the short run, the return of our military forces would not only save hundreds of billions of dollars per annum, it would bolster, as well, the morale of our brave defenders of freedom while lifting the hearts of their long-suffering families. The re-building of this nation’s infrastructure strikes me as a far more worthy expenditure than transporting and housing American warriors abroad, for the benefit of other nations. Don’t you agree?

• Along side the previous, I support cutting the Federal Budget back to the limits of 2006, thus broadening the path to a balanced budget and provision of the financial means by which to improve the safety of our freeways, bridges, and railroads. It is after all, a budget deficit of $1.5 trillion and a national debt of $15.5 trillion, which prevents the American economy from healing.

I am keenly aware that too much regulation would strangle American productivity; therefore, I propose that the Congress be remanded to scrutinize all regulations passed prior to 1980. This must be undertaken with the purpose of diligently determining whether each pre-80’s mandate is presently moving America forward, or if it has out-lived its usefulness. The hour has come for all of this legislation to be examined through the harsh realism of the lens of the Twenty-First Century.

• It is of equally preeminent urgency that the Federal Reserve Bank stop printing money to pay the bills of government’s reckless squanderers. If not, then the sure value of our retirement funds will plunge without hope of recovery. Social Security may not immediately go broke, but do you favor paying American senior citizens with worthless paper? No one wants that; yet Social Security will go broke, unless we halt the feckless and run-away spending of ‘printing-press designed pseudo dollars.

• Allow me next to address a number of federal agencies that I would initiate immediate action to banish. They include the U.S. Department of Education, which spends tens of billions annually, without efficiently fortifying the education of a single individual student. It’s high time that state governments and local communities take back this power, in order to .cure the red ink that’s currently bleeding from our wallets.


It would be likewise prudent to eliminate the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Department of Commerce and International Trade. This bulging and obese government must be drastically trimmed down to size, so that we can keep our money, to spend as we citizens see fit. The Founding Fathers firmly understood that government that governs least, in fact, governs best. That’s no longer the guiding light in today’s U.S.A. and I propose to be the Congressman who initiates immediate action to restore that principle.

Now, let’s talk about our rights!

Make no mistake about it; I am committed to the premise of limited government and to the clear understanding that government is quite frankly to blame for our current economic woes. Of course, we all have allowed government’s expansion; yet now is the time to say, “No more! The line in the sand has been drawn!”

• Accordingly, fellow Californians, you may count on this: I will do battle to stop the federal government from violating your right to do with your body as you see fit. Have adult Americans ever thrived in a ‘nanny-state’? I think not!

• I will also fight tooth and nail to protect your second amendment rights. And I’ll not stop there, as I’m firmly convicted that government in this country was established for the purpose of securely guaranteeing all of our inalienable rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

The TSA must then go, as must the so called ‘Patriot Act’, NAFTA and GATT. So must the recent legislation endorsed by Duncan Hunter to relinquish to the Executive Branch the authority to arrest and detain indefinitely, any American citizen -- and without trial -- under the National Defence Authorization Act.

The United States is a representative republic. That representation must be actual and by one who lives in the community, understands the needs of that community, will fight for the community, and is committed to the people in that community.

• From your enthusiastic response to my earlier communications, you have expressed that you believe more in the sure purpose of “term limits” than you do in the idea of family dynasties – and especially when it comes to a Congressional seat. Let’s then get term limits in place that favor the people of California!

• It is encouraging that you want to see Duncan Hunter challenged in the November election – even if you support him.

• You have voiced loud and clear your approval that I will not take a salary .Instead, I am committed to bringing an end to the process whereby Congressional ‘Representatives’ spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of the taxpayers’ money to distribute propaganda pieces that tout what ‘a grand job’ they’re doing on behalf of their fortunate ‘constituents’. This sleight of hand farce, together with its expense must no longer be condoned!

• You have also expressed your favor of not having the obligation to pay a retirement income to Duncan Hunter.

Many of you agree with me that there’s something enormously wrong with a sitting Congressman’s having made these statements:

“Years of reckless spending in Congress, has created a $15.5 Trillion debt that threatens our future...”

“As your Representative, my priorities are: restoring America's manufacturing base, eliminating job-killing regulations, taxes and fees...”

Let’s condemn and eliminate such rhetoric! Truth is, Mr. Hunter and his father are, to a considerable measure, responsible for the mess Mr. Hunter still maintains he is ‘going to fix’.

Patriots, the June 5th California primary is open to all voters of all parties. I seek to represent the voters of all parties. The coming primary affords the liberty to each voter (regardless of partisan affiliation) to choose whomever (s)he wishes to support, with the sole exception of those candidates engaged in the presidential race. And while odds may appear astronomical that Duncan Hunter will finish first in the primary, I ask you, regardless of your political party, to give me a fighting chance to face off with Hunter, come November. Please vote for me in June, as you may count on my word that I’ll fight for your vastly improved security and economic healing. I need your vote, as well as those of your family members and friends. Will you roll up your sleeves to join hands with me in this vital effort?

Thanks ever so much for falling into line beside me, as well as for your commitment to a strong and Constitutionally-sound America!