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Chapter Thirty

Chapter Synopsis

Nayeli and Tacho reach Colorado driving through Glenwood Springs, to Glenwood Canyon. They stop a couple of times to eat, gather pinecones and see mountain goats. At night they stop in a motel where the clerk mistakes them for Iraqi. They continue driving the next morning through the Rockies. Nayeli sees big shaggy animals with antlers and asks Tacho to pull over. She gets out in the freezing cold and asks a nearby fisherman what they are. He gives her his jacket and tells her they’re elk. They talk for a bit and he teaches her how to fish. When it is time for her to go he gives her a big hug and she kisses his cheek. They stop in Rocky Mountain National Park and are amazed when it starts to snow. They stop for gas in Denver when a loud siren goes off and a cop herds them into the store. They find out it is a tornado warning. The cop asks where they are going and they tell them to Illinois. He turns to the store owner and says “Vicki, how ‘bout that? A working American can’t afford to gas up his rig, but the illegals can just drive cross-country all they want.” When no tornado happens they continue on their way.