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Four Days Later, Florida Declares For Obama

Four days after the polls closed, Florida announced President Barack Obama won the state's 29 electoral votes. As the AP writes:

The final vote count from Tuesday's presidential election is in from Florida, and President Obama is the winner. That gives the president a total of 332 electoral votes to Mitt Romney's 206. Florida officials said Obama had 50 percent of the vote to Romney's 49.1 percent, a margin of about 74,000 votes.

The Florida Secretary of State's Office confirmed Obama's victory on Saturday. Though razor-thin, the difference is still larger than the half-percent margin that would have automatically triggered a recount.


Though Obama's win was secured even without the state's electoral votes, Florida's results mean all eight swing states -- including Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Virginia, Colorado and New Hampshire -- swung for the president.

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