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Texas Protest Signals Continued Distrust Of Mexico's New President

On Thursday, activists will gather outside the Mexican Consulate in Austin. The Texan and Mexican protestors hope to raise awareness of individuals still detained after massive demonstrations against the inauguration of Mexico’s new president, Enrique Peña Nieto.

Peña Nieto’s presidency signals the return of the PRI, a party that ruled in Mexico for most of the last century. However the demonstrations weren't focused on the return of the old guard, rather the general election, which was shrouded by allegations of electoral fraud.

The protests during Peña Nieto’s inauguration quickly erupted into violent clashes between demonstrators and police. When the smoke settled, Mexico City’s human rights commission found evidence of police brutality. They are investigating possible cases of torture as well. Via, The Guardian:

The ongoing investigation has identified at least four cases of possible torture, three of them involving electric shocks, as well as 22 cases of unjustified arrests among the 70 people still in jail in relation to the protests. Many of these face a preliminary charge of "attacks against the public peace", which carries a long prison term.<br><br>The day began with intense clashes between masked youths and federal police around 10ft high barricades set up to keep protesters away from the inauguration ceremony in the congressional chamber. These events left one protestor in a coma and another without the sight in one eye.