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Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

Roya walks to school for registration day. Along her walk a jeep stops in front of her. A man jumps out and attacks a boy on the sidewalk. The boy is dragged into the car kicking and screaming. Another boy tries to intervene, but is forcefully pushed to the ground. A crowd gathers, watching and as the SAVAK drives away, an old man helps the boy up. A policeman tells the crowd to clear. At school she finds Shireen talking to Nelly and some others about Jenab. Nelly insists he was fired, but that her father is working tirelessly to hire him back. Nelly leaves and Roya tells Shireen about the incident earlier that morning. Shireen is not surprised and interrupts her to tell her to get used to it.

Jenab does not return to school, and a variety of substitutes makes the literature class lack its old passion. Nelly tells Roya that SAVAK summoned Jenab. Roya asks why they would do that, and Nelly gives the possible answer that they want to squeeze information out of him about students.

During the fourth week of school, Roya is in class waiting for it to begin when she hears a commotion outside. She goes to the window to see students clapping and cheering and sees Jenab. He pushes his way through and comes to the classroom with everyone applauding. He tells the class he will remain another year in “this godforsaken institute”, and starts the day. Roya notices he has aged quite a bit and seems to lack some passion. He references the text book frequently as if to make sure he is staying within the subject matter. After class he asks Roya to stay and tells her Shireen is not well and that she has requested Roya to keep her updated on her homework.


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