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San Diego Small-Business Concerns: Potholes


The study polled more than 500 small business owners and fixing potholes was the number one area of concern.

San Diego Small-Business Concerns: Potholes
San Diego's small business owners want the city's roads fixed and they want a larger voice in local government, according to a report issued by the San Diego Chamber of Commerce.

The small business owners also want a bigger voice in government, both at the local and state level.


Chamber of Commerce President Ruben Barrales said he's not surprised that good roads are a priority for business owners.

"San Diego small business people are just like any other San Diegans; they see what's happening with our basic infrastructure in our communities and they feel that's an important thing to address," said Barrales.

Those polled also want the economy to get better, said Baralles. They want opportunities to meet clients and customers, fewer regulations and reduced business taxes.

Small business owners also identified energy reliability and a secure water supply as important issues.