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Redevelopment Officially Comes To An End In San Diego

Redevelopment Officially Comes To An End In San Diego
It’s the end of an era of sorts for cities across California. Redevelopment agencies must be officially shut down by Wednesday. KPBS looks at what that means for San Diego.

It’s a day redevelopment advocates hoped would never come. On Tuesday San Diego will hold the last official meeting of its redevelopment agency. David Graham with the mayor’s office said that on Wednesday the city will begin operating as the Successor Agency.

“[Its] job really is to carry out and finish the projects that are in the pipeline and also dispose of the assets of the previous redevelopment agency,” Graham said.

But exactly what gets finished is up for debate.

The city must present a list of the projects it wants completed to a local oversight board. The board will then submit a list of projects it deems valid to the state for approval.

Last summer San Diego gave preliminary approval to $4 billion worth of projects it believes can still go forward.

Graham said the city will also have to decide what it wants to do with the Centre City Development Corporation and the Southeastern Economic Development Corporation, non-profits that oversee development in Downtown and Southeast San Diego respectively.