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SDSU Greeks Encourage Somali Children To Pursue Higher Education

SDSU Greeks Help Somali Students

It was a day of service for fraternity and sorority members from San Diego State University.

This year's beneficiary is a Charter school -- that primarily serves the Somalian community.

It brought a record number of SDSU students together to encourage youngsters from Iftin Charter school to pursue a college degree, while helping beautify their school grounds and engage them in fun with a school carnival.


Yousef Abraham is one of two SDSU students who helped organize the event.

"Its to help out with the famine that's currently crippling Somalia," he said.

San Diego is home to one of the largest populations of Somalis in the US and its these children who represent the future. That's why Abraham and Mohamed Ahmed created CURE Africa.

It stands for Communities United Reviving East Africa. "A lot of our youth are misguided, so we're trying to help them actually pursue that higher education," Abraham said.

Its also bringing fraternities and sororities from SDSU together said Haley Messner.


"This definitely has been one of our biggest years ever, the most participation we've ever had, I think this is a world changer this year, its kind of changing everything," she said.

There are millions of children in East Africa affected by famine conditions. Messner said this event is a sign of hope -- anyone can make a difference no matter where you are.

" I think that Greek week is one way we can kind of advocate for that and show people that there is a way to make a difference, even if its on a local level, but there are people who need our help out there still, Messner said.