Nuclear Activists Take Concerns About San Onofre To Sempra

Thursday, May 17, 2012
By Alison St John

Groups concerned about the problems at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station plan to deliver a letter to the chairman of Sempra Energy in San Diego on Friday.

Ray Lutz of Citizens Oversight Projects said the leader of the company, Don Felsinger, needs to step forward to answer questions about the failed steam generators.

“The purpose of the letter is to put Sempra energy on the spot,“ Lutz said. "Because they do have a 20 percent stake in this reactor. “

The majority owner, Southern California Edison, shut down the plant after premature wear in steam generator tubes caused a leak of radioactivity in January.

California Senator Barbara Boxer has written to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission asking for documents relating to the approval of the new steam generators, which were only installed two years ago and cost $670 million.

Lutz said ratepayers risk having to pay the bill to fix the generators. He said ratepayers will also foot the $60 million bill for an earthquake study later this year.

He said groups will rally outside Sempra in San Diego, Southern California Edison in Irvine and Pacific Gas & Electric in San Francisco next Wednesday to call for both nuclear power plants in California to be shut down.