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Tony Villafranca

The following is an excerpt from the candidate's website.If you are going out to vote for the replacement of Tony Young, then you need to look into our candidates. The only one prepared to take this seat, ahead of the times, running a campaign grass-roots, within the community is TONY VILLAFRANCA. No other candidate can accomplish the things TONY VILLAFRANCA can accomplish. This is not a popularity contest, as TONY VILLAFRANCA is the ‘under dog’ of the campaign, but rather a campaign for REAL CHANGE in District Four. Change that for decades has eluded our District 4.

We need to get underway MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS in our community, especially in areas riddled with violence and diminished hope. We need to not let District 4 be handed over to a candidate whom will forget the importance of change while in office. We want a candidate who will rally with community leaders. TONY VILLAFRANCA promises to hold monthly meetings with community leaders while in office, and have them open to the public, so that TONY VILLAFRANCA can grab the needed attention for this community and gather the support to actually produce real change.

Why are other candidates talking about FILLING POTHOLES and REDUCING VIOLENCE when they cannot share their ingredients for the REAL CHANGE which is OVERALL COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT & EDUCATION. Bringing back programs for the YOUTH. Bringing in big business by cleaning up areas where businesses have fled, so they may succeed, and bring in good jobs.


Candidates cannot talk about bringing in “LIVING WAGE JOBS” when there is no plan to get them here. You cannot just send them an invitation and a promise. You need to improve the area, prove to these businesses you are investing in your community, then they will WANT to come on their own. It is a fact, with programs, improvement in our community and down-town areas, like RIO DRIVE, will give our community hope. It will bring in jobs, which will allow our young adults to earn an honest living within the community they live. Businesses that are open in a VERY WELL LIT RIO DRIVE would reduce crime, give jobs to local residents and provide HOPE once again to our community. We should not be the a place where our young adults dream about leaving. Areas in San Diego, like University Heights, Hillcrest, Little Italy should be representative of what we want our community to become.

This massive undertaking begins with a man who has HUGE dreams and even LARGER expectations of our COUNCIL if elected.