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Coming Up: Which Key Cases Will The Supreme Court Rule On?

It's another "decision day" at the Supreme Court. So, once again, we're waiting to see which (if any) big rulings are handed down.

As Eyder wrote last Thursday, the court's term is coming to a close and the justices still haven't issued key decisions on cases involving same-sex marriage, affirmative action and voting rights. SCOTUSblog thinks that if we don't hear about the high-profile cases Monday, the court will almost surely issue them on either Wednesday or Thursday -- before then closing up shop until October.

As it always does on days such as this, SCOTUSblog is live blogging. The justices will come to the bench at 10 a.m. ET, and we'll start hearing about what they have or haven't decided soon after that. We're poised to post on the news. There's also going to be substantial coverage from our colleagues at KQED if Monday's rulings include a decision on California's Proposition 8 same-sex marriage ban.


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