Edison Posts Documents Related To San Onofre Online

Wednesday, September 4, 2013
By Alison St John

Southern California Edison, the majority owner of the now closed San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, has created a digital library of documents relating to how the steam generators were replaced with new generators that turned out to be faulty.

“It is vitally important" said Ron Litzinger, president of SCE, "that we all achieve a full understanding of the facts, so that future decisions by regulators and legislators are based on transparency and the highest quality information.”

However, some of the nearly 100 documents in the library are partially redacted because Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the company that manufactured the generators, asserts they contain proprietary information.

Many questions surrounded the decision to replace the steam generators with generators of a different design, which ultimately proved to be fatally flawed. Excessive vibration of the tubes resulted in premature wear and a small radiation leak in January 2012.

The plant had to shut down about a year after the new equipment was installed. It never reopened. In June of this year, the decision was made to close the plant permanently.

SCE said in a news release that the company, "has asked MHI to agree that unredacted versions of these documents can be made public."