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Long Beach Passes Strict E-Cigarette Regulations

LONG BEACH, Calif. — After Los Angeles passed tough new rules on the use of electronic cigarettes, Long Beach has approved even stricter regulations that apply to using the devices in shops where they are sold.

The Los Angeles Times says the restrictions mean that LA County's two largest cities will treat e-cigarettes in much the same way as regular cigarettes, banning their use in restaurants, bars, workplaces, city parks and beaches. Long Beach adopted its new rules on a 9-0 vote late Tuesday.

Unlike LA's regulations, also passed Tuesday, Long Beach's ordinance also applies to using e-cigarettes in shops and "vaping" lounges — though current smoking lounges are exempt.


E-cigarettes will be classified as tobacco products, banning their sale to those younger than 18.

The devices create a nicotine vapor that's inhaled.